“We love working with Drew’s Entertainment! Working with their team has always been a pleasure. We receive nothing but positive feedback on our Halloween music selection. Their great collection of music truly brings the spirit of Halloween to life by uplifting moods and adding to our customers Halloween experience.”

Donny Rose, Director of Marketing, Halloween City


“Party City has been working with Drew’s Entertainment since it was founded and has enjoyed growing with them over the past 15 years. Drew’s Entertainment ‘s customer service, innovative products and depth of music compilations make them a must have for any celebration, holiday party or event!”

Bill Furtkevic, Vice President of Marketing, Party City


“We have been working with Drew’s Entertainment for years and the qualities of recordings as well as a great team make both licensing and creative a pleasure!”

Peter Shane, Vice President of Creative Services, Spirit Music Group


Drew’s Entertainment is an active member of A2IM and has worked with some of our other members to share music strategies, expand music licensing opportunities and to further their digital download revenue stream through partnerships with our members. We enjoy having Drew’s in our A2IM family.”

Rich Bengloff, President, American Association of Independent Music (“A2IM”)


“The Orchard has been proud to have Drew’s Entertainment as a partner over the last three years. Drew’s has embraced the digital music market and is constantly finding new ways to sell their music in the always evolving digital music market. Over the past few years Drew’s catalog has steadily been growing in quality and quantity.”

Arthur Painvin, Manager – Client Services, the Orchard


“We respect Drew’s music strategy as they continue to work with their digital partners and to license music for synchronization uses in products, in advertising and in television and film. Drew’s has done a very good job in monetizing their catalog outside of selling music through brick and mortar retailers. Drew’s team is always looking for new technology to further their growth.”

Ben Cockerham, Chief Financial & Strategy Officer, RightsFlow, Inc.


Drew’s Entertainment has a great catalog built on experiential listening. They answer the questions of who the listener is, where they are, and why they’re listening to the music, then provide a perfectly merchandised package to create a powerhouse of a music label.”

Matt Laszuk, President, IRIS Distribution


Drew’s Entertainment offers great sounding versions of your favorite songs at affordable prices. Their publisher clearing service simplifies acquiring music rights and they work with you through every step of the process. I definitely recommend them for your next project!”

Mike, President & CEO, WowLights

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