Licensing Questions

Do you clear publishing for songs used in projects or just the master?

We always clear the master since we retain the rights to 100% of our catalog. We can request clearance for the publishing approval from the publishers as well.

Do you limit the type of placements for songs?

Absolutely not!  We’ve placed songs in products like balloons, greeting cards, light sequences, toys, games, TV shows, movies, commercials, internet videos, corporate e–greetings, and much more. So let us know what your project is all about!

If I have a catalog of music can I submit it to Drew’s Entertainment for use on digital releases and licensing purposes?

Of course! We’re always on the lookout for catalogs with new and different music masters to use for our digital releases and promote to licensing uses. Please send any catalog submissions to licensing@drewsent.com with a little bit of information about the type of catalog you have and samples of some of your music files.

What types of licenses are needed for music licensing?

Synchronization License – needed to synchronize music with any video. This license is also commonly referred to as a "sync license". Securing a sync license is necessary to use any Drew’s Entertainment music master in Film, TV, Commercials, DVDs, Videogames, Trailers, Promos, etc.

Mechanical License – needed to distribute music masters with a copyright on a physical release, in a product or a release through a digital service provider (DSPs).

Live Stage Production License – needed to use a Drew’s Entertainment master copyright in a live stage production.

Derivative Work License – needed for samples, translations, parodies and all other proposed Derivative Works using copyright protected material.

Product Questions

Where can I purchase Drew’s Famous albums in stores?

Our titles can be found at Party City and Wal-Mart.

Are Drew’s Famous albums available online?

They sure are!  We have our own digital store that allows you to easily search for and purchases titles from the complete Drew’s Entertainment catalog at Drew's Famous Party Music! Our albums can also be found at most other digital retail outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Verizon and many more.

Can I order a specific CD directly from Drew’s Entertainment that can’t be found in stores?

If you can no longer find an album in stores that probably means it has been discontinued in physical format. Sorry about that! Only orders of 500 units or more can be ordered for specific and approved purposes. But be sure to check out our digital store for a huge selection of our titles old and new at Drew's Famous Party Music.


Basic Questions

Where is Drew’s Entertainment located?

Our offices are located at: 290 HWY 22W, Green Brook, NJ 08812

Are you on Twitter?

Yes! Follow us @Drewsent we’re rather witty.

What about Facebook?

But of course! We have Drew's Entertainment company page that is update with news, fun facts and playlists regularly.

Are there career opportunities at Drew’s Entertainment?

Check out our Employment Opportunity page to see if there are currently any openings. We are always on the lookout for new talent though so feel free to email you cover letter and resume to us at: info@drewsent.com

Does Drew’s Entertainment offer internships?

We sure do! We offer internships throughout the year during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Because these positions are unpaid, we do require that all students be able to receive credit through their school. We also require our interns to work a minimum of 15 hour/week at our Edison, NJ office location. If you’re interested in applying please visit our Employment Opportunity page to see the position and additional qualifications.

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