The Team

Drew Matilsky – Chairman of the Board

Branding & Licensing Experts: “It’s What We Do”

Drew’s expertise includes, Wholesale & Retail Clothing, Digital Media, Brand Management, and Licensing & Real Estate. Drew began his entrepreneurial career opening his first business selling men’s clothing. This modest beginning snowballed into a lucrative retailing career that spanned over 12 years, 10 stores and several retail companies that included Clothes Encounters, Kahootz and The Ultimate Male.

Building on this retail success, Drew founded Relax America, a multi-million dollar clothing manufacturing company that sold to multiple specialty and big box retailers across the country.

Continuing to capitalize on his marketing and sales expertise, Drew founded Drew’s Entertainment and the Drew’s Famous Party Music brand in 1994. With his vision that “no party is complete without party music & party games” for all seasons, holidays and events, Drew has grown the business to $30+ million in annual sales, a catalog of over 150,000 songs available for digital and product licensing and a unique distribution channel of party specialty and big box retailers worldwide.

In 2001, Drew developed another lucrative market by founding Uglydoll, an art-influenced brand of plush characters and serves as Managing Partner. By synchronizing his licensing, marketing and distribution experience, Uglydoll has become Drew’s biggest success grossing over $100 million in annual retail sales. Additionally, in 2011 Drew signed a deal with Illumination Entertainment/Universal Studios to make an Uglydoll animated feature film.

During his continued journey of diversification, Drew formed Drew Properties and set out to acquire good investment properties.  Drew’s marketing and sales expertise will cultivate Drew Properties as a leading name in the real estate industry.

In 2010 Drew co-founded Keeping Babies Safe and through his efforts has raised over $500,000. Keeping Babies Safe is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit foundation that provides education, assistance and leadership in keeping babies safe from preventable injuries associated with unsafe cribs and unsafe sleep environments.

Drew is the definition of the American entrepreneur. He continually sets new standards of excellence while diversifying his interests. Drew is personally involved in everything that his name represents.



Sarah Borrello-Pedrero – Director of Sales & Business Development



As Director of Sales & Business Development at Drew’s Entertainment, Sarah oversees the strategic vision of the company through $elling, Leading, Planning and Innovation.  She started at Drew’s Entertainment in 2003 a year after Graduating from Seton Hall University with a BS in Business Marketing.   Sarah spent a semester in China living in Beijing learning about their language, culture and business.

Prior to working at Drew’s Entertainment she taught English as a Second Language, Business Math and Computer Skills to adults re-entering the workforce.   It’s been through her dedication and passion for music that Sarah has advanced at Drew’s Entertainment starting from Sales Assistant to Sales Manager to National Sales Manager and now to Director of Sales & Business Development.


  • Her first full Vinyl Album bought was Michael Jackson’s Thriller and .45 was Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers.
  • As everyone at Drew’s Entertainment knows, music is Sarah’s life and she LOVE’S IT!! This is by far the most important thing you need to know about her.
  • If you’re looking for information concerning licensing of cover songs Sarah is the Drew’s Entertainment go to person!


Kevin Jakubowski – Art Director


Kevin oversees and directs the art department to create exciting artwork for Drew’s Entertainment and all of its sub-divisions. Kevin has a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Kean University in NJ.  Drawing since a child, he has 11 years of professional experience. During his free time Kevin enjoys painting portraits of Abraham Lincoln and yelling at the TV.


Denise Dyczok – Music Product & Content Manager


Denise is an experienced assembler of party, seasonal and niche music.  Several of her compilation albums have appeared on Billboard® charts.  Knowledge of several music genres makes Denise a prized teammate at Drew's Entertainment.  When not concentrating her efforts on music, Denise enjoys movies and books of any and all genres.  Additionally, she closely follows pop culture, trends and fringe media.



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